Monday, October 26, 2009

These Boots Are Made For Walking.......

I am not a crazy shoe person. Actually, I am very basic when it comes to shoes and clothes. I don't need alot. I would rather have a small amount of good stuff then a hundred pieces of cheap shit. That's just me though. I like expensive stuff at bargain prices. That's why TJMaxx and I have had a love affair going on for years. I love it and it loves my checkbook.

There are a few brands of shoes that are excellent quality, timeless, downright awesome. Of course Berkies are there (my fave), Docs, Dansko, Clarks and now Fluevogs. OMG, I almost wet my pants when I saw these. Very steampunkish which I love. DH looked and said
"I can definately see you wearing those high black ones. They're you."
"Really...I think so too. They're about $300.00."!


Docs are great boots and shoes. Abby loves her docs. She wears them all of the time with dresses, skirts, leggins, it don't matter. Her black ones with the red roses. She is a boots type of girl.


  1. The shoes are so you... And abby! They are really cute. You have the best blog

    love, your daughter hehe

  2. I don't like the boots...but I do like the two tone ones after those....I LOVE THE NEW HEADER....make me one...pretty please!!!