Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Homemade Goodness

So my little chef had a free day in culinary last week. She made
homemade pasta and broke out a
family receipe for homade sauce with onions and fresh tomatoes. Mama
taught her well!

Last Weeks Finds


Garden gnomes are awesome. Part of the land of the fae. I saw this 
while out shopping and had to buy it. Number one...I love gnomes. Number 
two...I love pigs. I have never seen one riding a pig!

My Buddha lamp that finally went on sale at Borders.

My prosperity hens from India....gosh I would love to go to India.  I need all the good mojo I can get!

Monday, May 24, 2010

New Cooker Books

Moon Pies are awesome.  In fact, anything with a creamy middle full of sugar is awesome.  So when I was at Borders and saw this book I snagged it.  I bought it the afternoon before having to work three in a row so I will have to refrain from the Whoopie Pie making until Friday.

The other cookbook I found was 

It has wonderful recipes for really simple fresh food.  A must have for any cooker book collectors like moi.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Add love...they will grow

Addy is growing.....and growing fast.  She makes me laugh everyday with funny expressions and new antics.  Now don't get me wrong...somedays she is very trying.  I am sure the child has ADHD like her dad and brother.  She can't sit still for a second and she is spoiled rotten.  Throws herself on the floor and rolls around with a tantrum.  But she is a beautiful child, smart and loving.  She can walk backwards, play kick the ball, plays fetch with the dogs, twirls around and around, gives high fives, jumps (which is hysterical), imitates all of your facial expressions, loves our iphones (smart girl)...had to put on some baby apps for her,  adores animals, loves anything sour including lemons, loves to have her toenails painted and will show them to you if you ask her where pretty is.  She is very much a girlie girl.

New Projects

I love owls....so when I found these patterns on Raverly I had to get them.  I have Addy's sweater on the needles for fall.  I bought the yarn for the socks, but this is my first attempt at colorwork so I am nervous.  I will probably by ripping and frogging alot!

Beauty and Brains

Well Abby got asked to prom by a friend of hers....well he likes her as it turns our, but she doesn't feel the same....so they are just friends.  Abby is smart....super smart.  When calling her guidance counselor for her weighted gpa for some forms I was filling out....all he could say at first was wow about three times.  Of course I knew she had a 4.0, but she has a 4.7 in all IB classes.  He said I needed to be the poster mom for our school.  I assured him that it was all Abby.  The child has not had anything less than an A for the past 4 years.  This is mama bragging for a bit.......but, even though she has brains, she is beautiful, but doesn't see it.  I do......she has blossomed and is beautiful inside and out.  Look at these pictures and see for yourself....


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Blogger friends it has been a long time. So much for the New Year
resolution about blogging everyday! I have so much stuff going on
right now...promise I will share soon. Here is a picture of the
finished tye dye. It turned out cute and does not run or fade!!!
Planning a tye dye party soon!!!