Sunday, May 23, 2010

Beauty and Brains

Well Abby got asked to prom by a friend of hers....well he likes her as it turns our, but she doesn't feel the they are just friends.  Abby is smart....super smart.  When calling her guidance counselor for her weighted gpa for some forms I was filling out....all he could say at first was wow about three times.  Of course I knew she had a 4.0, but she has a 4.7 in all IB classes.  He said I needed to be the poster mom for our school.  I assured him that it was all Abby.  The child has not had anything less than an A for the past 4 years.  This is mama bragging for a bit.......but, even though she has brains, she is beautiful, but doesn't see it.  I do......she has blossomed and is beautiful inside and out.  Look at these pictures and see for yourself....


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