Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What to do when I grow up

I have not blogged lately due to being on vacation. 11 days off of work...I don't know how to act. I've worked two jobs for about 2.5 years now and and am suffering burnout. Sure the money is wonderful, but it makes you want more. I've lived on ALOT less and seemed to be happier. I'm sad that the other hospital is closing. I would've went there full time. This time off has let me reflect on what I want to do with my life and it's not what I'm doing now. Started my French class to finish my BSN, seeing that I only have 2 practicum classes left. I've been lazy, to busy and unmotivated. Finishing the second half of art history so I can finish the foundation art classes and eventually get a degree in photography. I'd love to do weddings and children. I also love teaching. I'd like to take nursing in that direction. Changes are on the horizon and for the first time in a long time things look clearer.


Sunday, August 16, 2009


I try to buy organic produce and food.  I wish it weren't so darn expensive to eat healthy.  One of friends at work has an earthy daughter that farms and sells her wares.  I buy them greedily when I can.  She sells a drink called Kombucha.  I saw it last time.  Interrogated her on the stuff I saw being carried out.  You take mason jars and she fills them with Kombucha, which looks like tea.  I did some research and it was very interesting.  Kombucha is a fermented sugary tea that is made with the Kombucha mushroom.  Actually it really isn't a "mushroom", it's  a symbiotic, probiotic colony of yeast and bacteria (the friendly type).  It reproduces itself and will continue to make batch after batch from one starter.  It actually  looks kinda gross.  The starter is added to the tea and let to ferment for 7-10 days.  The tea when finished contains dozens of elements, that  promote healing for a variety of conditions, such as:
  • Acts as a gentle laxative, helping avoid constipation.
  • Aids in the relief of arthritis.
  • Cleanses the colon and gall bladder.
  • Aids in healthy digestion
  • Relieves colitis and stomach cramps.
  • Returns gray hair to it's natural color.
  • Helps stop non-infectious diarrhea.
  • Relieves bronchitis and asthma.
  • Clears up Candida yeast infections.
  • Regulates the appetite and reduces fat.
  • Aids with stress and insomnia.
  • Improves eyesight, cataracts and floaters.
  • Relieves headaches including migraines.
  • Puts Lupus into remission.
  • Helps reduces the alcoholic's craving for alcohol.
  • Eliminates menopausal hot flashes.
  • Clears acne, psoriasis and other skin problems.
  • Thickens hair and strengthens fingernails.
  • Enhances the sense of smell.
  • Vitalizes the physical body and adds energy-including sexual energy!
 Supposed to taste like a wine/cider mix.  I'm not to sure about home brew from someone I don't know, but I did find it at Wards supermarket in the dairy department.  Will pick some up on my next weekly visit.  God I love that store!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Heading to the Island

After many months of hard work it's time to take a break with the chicks and head somewhere relaxing.  Since it's summer the beach sounds good.  I adore Savannah, Georgia so we are headed to Tybee Island to have the best of both worlds.  A little R & R before school starts up and schedules are turned upside down.  I love the shopping in Savannah. It has so many artsy cool shops due to SCAD being there.  The old houses and architecture just about make me wet my pants!  I just can't get enough.  I would move there in a heartbeat if I could.  My ultimate favorite shop there is Vintage General.  I have to fan myself when I go in and remind myself to breath:

Julie and Julia

The chicks and I went to see Julie and Julia on Monday. I adored this movie. So did Abby.   Julia Child was funny, charming and a kick ass cook. I would love to channel her! Of course we are buying the book Mastering the Art of French Cooking to take to Tybee Island this week. Our goal is to cook every meal with things we have never cooked before. Should be delightful. Each paycheck I am wanting to buy one piece of expensive cookware that will last a lifetime. My first purchase this week will be a dutch oven from Le Creuset. This stuff makes me drool. Abby got accepted into the culinary magnet program which is totally awesome. They travel to different states for cooking competitions, go to New York to the Culinary Insititue of America. They have a restaurant, do catering, have a garden, meat locker, do ice sculptures, etc. I'm so thrilled for her. She wants to go to culinary school in Paris. I'm there! Paris will be her graduation present. Her sister wants to go to Ireland as her graduation gift. Passports need to be had this year.

Vampire Diaries

Our culture is fixated by vampires. Me included. CW has joined the bandwagon and has a show premiering September 10th at 8pm. Set your TIVO. It is based off the books that are actually pretty good teen fiction.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Chicken Poop

I bought this at the feed store for Alexis...the chap stick girl. Chicken poop for your lips....100% organic. Soy, jojoba, sweet orange, lavender essential oil, bees wax. That's it. My kind of thing.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Taking Woodstock

This is our movie. My families...My parent's were hippies. My mother still is. I was there in a previous life. I had to have been. Me and the chicks. August 28th..can't wait! Peace..................

Sunday, August 9, 2009

True Blood Anyone?

OMG.....this is a must to order. Everyone in my family are huge, huge, HUGE True Blood fans. I am going to pre-order some O+. $16.00 for a 4 pack, but worth a try. The blood orange sounds a little like italian soda.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hoot Owl Hat

Adalaee needs this hat. Owls are magical. Just ordered the pattern from Spud and Chloe. Needles are clicking.

Tree Saver

I love technology. Not only do I love technology I love the thought of saving trees. I embraced both in December when I bought my lovely Kindle. What's a Kindle you may ask? It's a wonderful device that let's you read your books on it. I was skeptical at first. I love books. I love the smell of books and bookstores. I love the feel of paper. But as I sat one day looking at the tons of books that clutter my house I knew there had to be a better way. I don't have room for all of this accumulation, not to mention the hundreds of books that died for my entertainment. That's when I found the Kindle...or it found me while surfing on Amazon. I read review after review on the device before taking the plunge. I was worried about plunking down over $300.00 for something I may hate...I hate reading on the computer. But people seemed to love it...saying that you felt like you were reading a book due to e-ink technology. So I had to do it. The geek and environmentalist in my took over. It arrived at Christmas in cute packaging. I plugged it in, downloaded a few books and instantly feel in love..again. I can't tell the difference when reading. In fact, it's easier, especially while lying in bed. I carry ALL my books with me...1500 of them...and the best part is the FREE SAMPLES. I'm addicted. I'm a sample addict. I get to read 3 chapters from any book that tickles my fancy before swiping my debit card. Oh yes, truly smitten. So smitten that I plopped down another $359.00 when the new one was realized not to long ago. Gave the other one to my daughter. I finally go the biggest reader in the house on board (my youngest daughter). Her books are like a plague that fills her room. Overflowing. Made her read a book on the Kindle and she likes it! May be another baby addition to our Kindle family.

My Kindle is named Winny, Winiford to be exact. I used to go to bed with a book every night. Sam used to laugh and say that I was like Winiford on Hocus Pocus (love that movie) that used to call her Book of Shadows "Oh boooooooook". So the name stuck. Now the Kindle is $299.00!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pink Salt

I don't love heavily salted food, unlike the chicks. But I do love the different type of natural and artisan salts that are out there. They are beautiful and exotic. Some are quit pricey, but we try and by something new a few times a month. The HimalaSalt Artisan Carved Zen Cubes are awesome. The pretty pink salt is in cube form and comes with a grater to shave off salt in a powdery form. It's all natural and unprocessed like regular table salt. I've also recently bought celtic sea salt.It's very crystal like, grey and looks moist. Haven't tried it yet. We have salts infused with herbs. Very yummy. Very fru-fru.

Old Soul

I'm an earthy person...somewhat a reincarnated hippy...treehugger, nuts and berries.  Would have went to Woodstock.  Love to shop at stores like Ward's, Fresh Market, Mother Earth.  Organic food. Going barefoot.  Love Birkenstocks, long gauze skirts, essential oils and burning incense.  70's music is my favorite.Funny my youngest daughter is the same.  She's a Gypsey child.   kindred souls her and I.

Monday, August 3, 2009

What shall I name her?

Well, I did it.  I broke down and bought the Lendrum wheel.   I can't wait until Friday or Monday to see her...yes, her...I name my things...I'm weird I know.  My old car is called Betsy and my Kindle is called Winny.  The Lendrum needs a name!  

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cuppa Joe

I love coffee.  The smell conjures up feelings of warmth and home.  However, regular coffee doesn't like makes me jumpy and makes my heart do all kinds of weird things.  So, I avoid the leaded and just drink decaf...purely for taste and to make me feel toasty inside.  I had a wonderful French coffee press that I used to brew my cuppa joe each morning.  My grandmother broke it while visiting while probably dusting things that haven't been dusted.....EVER.  But no worries, I found this pretty lovely press at Starbucks this morning.