Sunday, February 28, 2010


Earth Angel Toys has some really awesome contemporary folk art from many talented women.  I love Nicole Bowen's stuff.  So much I could eat it!  Check out the cuteness.

Debrina Pratt of fairyland is very talented.

Jody Battaglia................soooo cute.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Farm To Family - New Site

We're waiting for the new schedule for this years  Farm To Family full moon festivals.  They got a new location finally and are clearing the site from the looks of their website.  It's an all night festival of music and good times.  I really need to buy a tent so we can camp out there.

I love Folk/Americana music. It's relaxing to sit back and chill to. I can remember going with my parent's when I was little to see John Denver, Kris Kirstoferson, etc..... Awesome.
In High School I turned to Punk Rock.  The Sex Pistols, Ramones, etc. spelled anarachy for us. Little rebels we were. A few years later metal mania took hold. ACDC, the Scorpians and all of the pretty hair bands in between. I still like the stuff, but my favorite is the folksy sounding tunes. I guess that's why I love Indie music so much.  Folk music is in the same realm as the grassroots  movement....urban farming.....  It all goes together and I love that kind of stuff.

(Pictures taken from the Farm To Family Website)

Speaking of music....Noah had his electric guitar restrung yesterday...Abby got an awesome Luna acoustic guitar. 

 They are both going to start taking lessons.  While in the music store I fell in
love with a Luna Ukulele.  It was beautiful.  The owner and I got into a long discussion on Ukulele's and now I want to get it and start playing. He actually said they are the hottest instrument right now.  Go figure.  We will be a pickin' family.  Sam even said he thought about playing the guitar.  Hmmmmmm.  This picture gives the little concert ukulele no justice....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Truth Be Told

People...there is truth to the saying about breeding like rabbits.
They are the icon of fertility. Obviously Stella got pregnant the day
she was out romping with Bunnicula.....that happened to be the day she
gave birth 4.5 weeks ago. I say this because Alexis found these 6
little bunny pinkies in the neat box this morning! She called and
said "Uh mom...we have a problem.". This is never good when they
start off like this. So now we are a bunny of family 11. There is a
black one and grey and white in this litter. The rest are white.
Stella does not need to get her groove back any longer:)

Chicken Rebel

The people that lived in our current house left a large walk in chain dog kennel.  It's actually in the back of our property that's not fenced....where alot of the garden is going and where the bees are.  After thinking about it....I think this would make an excellent foundation for chicken housing.  I would just need to line the bottom and top with some chicken wire and make the nest boxes,  which could probably be made out of plastic crates.  This idea makes me and Abby gleeful...until Sam popped my bubble with a sharp poker.  "Are chickens legal in the city of High Springs?" he asked.    Hmmm.   I hadn't thought about that.  What harm could a few chickens do?  People have them in the middle of New York City for God's sake.  Urban farming is on an upswing.

City Hall's website states that a poultry operation is not legal.  I am thinking in terms of a factory operation. Not a measly 4 chicken henhouse to harvest fresh eggs.  I am going to be rebellious and purchase 4 Araucanas/Americanas from MCMURRAY HATCHERY.  I'll try and move the chicken condo farther in the back out of the direct line of eyesight.  My possible illegal bees need some company.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

City Slicker Critters

A few weeks ago I heard the boys outside barking.  It was a playful bark at night.  I sent Sam out to investigate and he came in and told me they had just killed a big possum in the yard.  WTF....I move out of the country only to see that wildlife exists even in the heart of the city.

The cats brought up the biggest mole I have ever seen.

We chased and caught a mouse in the house a few weeks ago.  I didn't have the heart to kill him because he was so cute and we set him free outside.  He's probably back in here somewhere.  Oh and don't forget the black racer snake from a few months ago.  Like I said  WTF!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cool Baby

If Ashley makes Roller Derby I want to get Addy this onsie.
Sour Puss clothing has some really cute baby/kids stuff.  That is if you like punk/rockabilliy type of clothing.  

Here are some things I just ordered for her....

I can't wait until she can wear these shoes.  They are so freakin' cute!  

Addy is definitely going to be an alternative type kid.  We are not into the frilly shmilly things  Part bohemian, part hippy, part punk, part rockabilly, part goth.  It's all good.  A heinz 57 mixture.  I love that stuff!

Friday, February 19, 2010

My family loves this simple receipe that I adapted from Tessa Kiros
Apples For Jam cookbook. We call them meat patties and they are simple
and scrumptous.

I use ground sirlon.....about 2.5 pounds.Add about 1/4 to 1/2 cup fresh Italian parsley, two minced garlic
cloves, kosher salt and pepper to taste.

The secret is in the bread. I usually just use cheap white bread...4
slices broken up in a seperate bowl and mixed with about 1/4 cup of
whole milk. I mix it until it is a liquid mush. Add a little more milk
if it seems dry.

Add this in with the beef mixture and shape into patties. I bake them
at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes.

When serving them we place a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil on
top. Soooo good.

I roasted some asparagus in the oven with grape tomatoes that burst
open when ready. Threw on some kosher salt and olive oil and a great
meal was had by all. Even Addy loved it in the blender!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Found a new favorite online store.  I love all of the clothes.  You will to if you like hippy, earthy, granola clothes.  Here are some of my favorites at Soul-Flower.

For the Peep............................................................................................

Monday, February 15, 2010

Even though I don't celebrate Valentines Day because I believe that
you should show love and appreciation 365 days of the year, instead of
on one specific commercialized day........Sam still got me a big box
of chocolate covered strawberries from Thornebrook Chocolatier. They
are sinful!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Beads and Things

My girls and I went to Gifts of Avalon bead store a few days ago and got some beads to make earrings.  I can't take the credit for making them.  I just helped pick the stuff out.  How hard can this jewelry thing be anyways?  With the help of You Tube, they did wonderful.  Now they can make their mom some!

I love the handmade beads from Gaea.  I love the Day of The Dead things...I need to order some the skulls and such for a bracelet.  This bee pendant is aweome.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Three Little Bunnies

The bunnies are almost three weeks now.  We have 2 girls and 1 boy.  Finally we could tell.  They just started to explore outside of their nest box. 

These were the prettiest carrots I have seen.  Freshly plucked from somewhere with huge mounds of greenery on top.  I had to buy them.  I felt like I was in a french market walking around with them in my carrier.  I had big plans for them.  However, I guess due to the freshness when I left them out overnight  they turned limp?  So the big plans turned into either rabbit food or the trash can.