Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fresh Food Means Clean Eating

I love fresh food...well I love food's not hard to tell, but freshness is important. I am going, and putting my family on the clean eating diet. That means cut the sugars, white flour and a no brainer...processed food. I am waiting to see the movie Food, Inc. I could rent
online, but am waiting in que at the library like a good frugal person. It was recommended to change the way we view the food that we eat.

I made a sauted chicken breast with tomatoes and capers. It was delicious and really looked pretty after it was cooked. It was simple with only chicken, garlic, oil oil, capers, parsley and grape tomatoes. We made a chick pea salad with feta as a sidedish, Even Noah ate it which was saying alot. Addy loved it! It was a keeper! I love keepers.............................

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