Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chicken Rebel

The people that lived in our current house left a large walk in chain dog kennel.  It's actually in the back of our property that's not fenced....where alot of the garden is going and where the bees are.  After thinking about it....I think this would make an excellent foundation for chicken housing.  I would just need to line the bottom and top with some chicken wire and make the nest boxes,  which could probably be made out of plastic crates.  This idea makes me and Abby gleeful...until Sam popped my bubble with a sharp poker.  "Are chickens legal in the city of High Springs?" he asked.    Hmmm.   I hadn't thought about that.  What harm could a few chickens do?  People have them in the middle of New York City for God's sake.  Urban farming is on an upswing.

City Hall's website states that a poultry operation is not legal.  I am thinking in terms of a factory operation. Not a measly 4 chicken henhouse to harvest fresh eggs.  I am going to be rebellious and purchase 4 Araucanas/Americanas from MCMURRAY HATCHERY.  I'll try and move the chicken condo farther in the back out of the direct line of eyesight.  My possible illegal bees need some company.

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