Thursday, February 25, 2010

Farm To Family - New Site

We're waiting for the new schedule for this years  Farm To Family full moon festivals.  They got a new location finally and are clearing the site from the looks of their website.  It's an all night festival of music and good times.  I really need to buy a tent so we can camp out there.

I love Folk/Americana music. It's relaxing to sit back and chill to. I can remember going with my parent's when I was little to see John Denver, Kris Kirstoferson, etc..... Awesome.
In High School I turned to Punk Rock.  The Sex Pistols, Ramones, etc. spelled anarachy for us. Little rebels we were. A few years later metal mania took hold. ACDC, the Scorpians and all of the pretty hair bands in between. I still like the stuff, but my favorite is the folksy sounding tunes. I guess that's why I love Indie music so much.  Folk music is in the same realm as the grassroots  movement....urban farming.....  It all goes together and I love that kind of stuff.

(Pictures taken from the Farm To Family Website)

Speaking of music....Noah had his electric guitar restrung yesterday...Abby got an awesome Luna acoustic guitar. 

 They are both going to start taking lessons.  While in the music store I fell in
love with a Luna Ukulele.  It was beautiful.  The owner and I got into a long discussion on Ukulele's and now I want to get it and start playing. He actually said they are the hottest instrument right now.  Go figure.  We will be a pickin' family.  Sam even said he thought about playing the guitar.  Hmmmmmm.  This picture gives the little concert ukulele no justice....

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