Saturday, January 30, 2010

Through the Eyes of A Baby

It looks like there is a big world out there.

Our Vampire Baby

Happy Sweet 15!

Well today was Abby's birthday.  My little purple faced baby turned 15 day.   I can't believe it.  Time flies. I can remember saying I can't wait until my kids were grown, but now it is sad to think that in a few years they will be going in all different directions.  I guess I will follow them around...kind of like a stalker.  We are a close family and I hope they don't venture to far from the nest.  At least within driving distance.  I am hoping that in three years I can say farewell and good riddance to Northern Florida and move back up North.  My heart is not here.  I am a Yankee of course!

Abby got many great gifts from the Alternative World Market Place.  A buddhist ring, marble incense burner, a bracelet made of paper beads by HIV positive moms in Africa, and Bali earrings.  She of course was gleeful.   I am getting the peep some little sterling hoops from Bali for her birthday.  I got her an Iphone and had her nose pierced.

  It looks soooo good.  She wanted a hoop, but will have to wait for 8 weeks.  Now she would look adorable with a Monroe.

We had chinese, made butter cream cupcakes and laughed!  Life is Good.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Roller Derby

I have always loved the concept of Roller Derby.  Those chicks are tough and cool.  I have always been a really good skater, but am a little old for the Derby.  However, we are going to watch on February 28th to enjoy the show.

Whip It was an awesome movie.  It got me inspired to skate again.  Not Derby of course, but I love shuffle/jam skating.  Ashley is an awesome skater and I am trying to convince her to try out for the Derby.  She's got the "look" too!  Addy would have herself a Roller Derby Hot Mama!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mama's Baby

He tries to act big....Geez he even thinks he's big, but down deep he's still Mama's baby.  Sam said if he could figure out a way to crawl back up inside of me he would!  LOL!  He still likes to cuddle and be babied by his mom.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

End of the World

I just got done reading a great book called The World As We Knew It.

 It's an apocalyptic type of book that deals with the aftermath on earth after a meteor crashes into the moon knocking it closer to earth.  In someways it was frightening, but actually a page turner.  I just started reading the second one of the trilogy called The Dead and The  Gone.

 I think book three comes out in May.  Definitely worth reading.


I have been a slacker with my blog lately.  Abby was quick to remind me that I haven't posted since January 8th.  Well there goes my New Year's resolution down the toilet.  Actually the only one that I have upheld so far was not to do any unnecessary shopping.  I have done pretty good with that, even though the peep and I ventured to TJ Maxx today...BUT it was for a birthday present for Abby so it was permitted.  Actually, it was like a crack fix!  I felt so much more relaxed after I left.  This my friends is sad........I am really a shopaholic:(

Actually my slacking as been indicative of some health issues that I have been having.  I am hoping that the wonderful Mayo Clinic can help me figure out what is going on in March so I can be normal once again...well as normal as I possibly can be.

These pictures are enough to warm my heart though!

She likes her rockabilly devil duck!

Alot of plans for this weekend.  Abby turns 15!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Finicky Baby

Okay I know that every baby is different. All 4 of mine were, but
little Adalae is giving her yaya a run for my money. She loves the
booby. Wants nothing else. Never drank from a bottle. Refused formula.
Refuses breastmilk from anything besides her personal milk source.
But I always had babyfood as a back up. That is until now when she has
refused to eat the stuff!

So yaya went to Target yesterday and bought this nifty contraption
called the nibbler. It holds food in the mesh sack so babies can
chomp it without choking. Truly ingenious. A small food processor was
bought for the counter and now baby is eating pureed tablefood. I
made funnel cakes today and she was loving them!

She says nice when petting the animals and said no a few times today.
She's growing up so fast and is so smart. It must be all of that
booby milk!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Smooshy Yarn

Well I drove to The Local Needle today.  I ran out of yarn for the girls sweater shrug that I'm knitting.  It is very nice...very Anthropologie looking.  I'm using Lorenas Laces Shepard Worsted in Pewter and am very happy with it. 

So after arriving there at 10:00 with intentions to run in and get my skein wound and then skiddadle out, I left the shop at 11:15.  I couldn't help myself.  I was reserved though.  I did buy a lovely skein from an Indie company called Stitch Jones.  It's lace weight alpaca/silk/cashmere and the yarn I'm going to use for the spider shawl. 

I also fell in love with a brand of yarn called Dream In Color.  The have a line called Smooshy and then they have a branch off of that called Knitosophy.  The colors are smashing.  One cool thing is the art label and the names of the colors.  Each color also has an inspirational quote on the label.  Each one is hand dyed so you never really know how they will knit up.  I didn't buy any this time because I did by the other two and spent $56.00, but will buy a skein next week.  It looks like one skein will make a pair of socks and cost $25.00. 

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Wii

I am an adopter of new technology.  I love it and can't help myself.  When the Wii came out Noah and I stalked the stores to find one.  We happened to be in Target when a new truck came in with 10 consoles.  We snatched it and jumped up and down!  We played was cool...and then the Wii sat.  We got busy...he's addicted to his Xbox 360.  We bought Wii fit when it came out thinking everyone would use it.  They did for the first week and then it was placed in the closet.  During Christmas break this year the Wii was revisited due to boredom.  According to Wii fit it had been 536 days.  They can't seem to get enough of the thing now!  Even Sam was playing basketball on it last night with Noah.  My grandmother came over and the kids placed her on the balance board to test what her fit age was.  She's 82, but has a fitness level of a 78 year old!

I bought Wii resort which is cool and has alot of fun games.  Today we are going to buy Dance Revolution and Harvest Moon if we can find it.  The Wii is fun and interactive, but lacks alot for a serious gamer.  I love RPG games.  My ultimate favorite is Kingdom Hearts.  If PS3 releases a new KH I will be buying this console!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Well I have completed the first 12 pattern rows for my first aphgan
square. I ripped it a few times and started over. My first bobble
looked sad. However, this one actually looks good. I enjoy the
pattern work. It's not boring!!

Bake it Pretty

Bake It Pretty is a fantastic online bakeshop supply site that has the cutest things. I bought the Christmas kit last year and made cupcakes that had glitter, vintage trees, santa heads, snowmen and kitchy dears. I was lazy this time and didn't do them. I need to order some new stuff to make some kitchy creations. Check this out.......

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sheep..and more sheep...

Now this book is for me. It's quite lovely actually. It shows a
picture of each type of sheep and gives detailed info on them also. If
you are a spinner it's a great picture reference. Alexis's boyfriends
parents just got back from Ireland. She was telling me that the
farmers paint their sheep different colors such as pink,blue, ect. in
order to tell them apart in the pasture. She said it was a site! I
can't wait to go to Ireland next year!!!

Along Came a Spider...with sticks.

Okay...I hate spiders but Miss Ronda is to darn cute. Another must have
for Addy. Maybe she's a modern day she's a shopper.
I like this eight legged creature!!

This will be a must have for Addy when she gets a wee bit bigger. She
will be a knitter you know. It's about a little girl with a voice like
a cricket who finds solice in knitting and gains self esteem from it.
Great storyline.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

Well 2009 has come and gone. Hello 2010! I am excited for the new year. So many dreams and aspirations. Many things to do and change. I have good feeling about this. Good mojo thoughts abound.

I am working today on the first day of the new year. No New Years baby born yet. We do have a cute gift basket for the first one. I'm sure it's brewing out there somewhere!

I am starting my first aphgan square today. I have to say when I got the book in the mail for my mom this week I was a bit overwhelmed. Some of the patterns seem so hard. I will work through them though. I have always taught myself how to do the crafty things I do. Except for spinning of course. I will post snippets of my progress in the months to come.

Last night we feasted as kings on crab legs (the ocean's spider), wings and homemade salsa/guacamole to die for. Paula Deen also graced us with her infamous banana pudding. Life was good. Today is the traditional pork roast with sauerkraut cooked by Chef Abby. We need much luck for 2010! This my friends is a Northern Tradition.

I missed the ball dropping last night. Instead I rang in the New Year on the couch snoring according to my daughter. How attractive is that? Well I hope that you follow me down the rabbit hole in 2010 to see what Wonderland has in store this time:) Let the excitement begin:)