Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Sweet 15!

Well today was Abby's birthday.  My little purple faced baby turned 15 day.   I can't believe it.  Time flies. I can remember saying I can't wait until my kids were grown, but now it is sad to think that in a few years they will be going in all different directions.  I guess I will follow them around...kind of like a stalker.  We are a close family and I hope they don't venture to far from the nest.  At least within driving distance.  I am hoping that in three years I can say farewell and good riddance to Northern Florida and move back up North.  My heart is not here.  I am a Yankee of course!

Abby got many great gifts from the Alternative World Market Place.  A buddhist ring, marble incense burner, a bracelet made of paper beads by HIV positive moms in Africa, and Bali earrings.  She of course was gleeful.   I am getting the peep some little sterling hoops from Bali for her birthday.  I got her an Iphone and had her nose pierced.

  It looks soooo good.  She wanted a hoop, but will have to wait for 8 weeks.  Now she would look adorable with a Monroe.

We had chinese, made butter cream cupcakes and laughed!  Life is Good.

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