Monday, January 4, 2010

The Wii

I am an adopter of new technology.  I love it and can't help myself.  When the Wii came out Noah and I stalked the stores to find one.  We happened to be in Target when a new truck came in with 10 consoles.  We snatched it and jumped up and down!  We played was cool...and then the Wii sat.  We got busy...he's addicted to his Xbox 360.  We bought Wii fit when it came out thinking everyone would use it.  They did for the first week and then it was placed in the closet.  During Christmas break this year the Wii was revisited due to boredom.  According to Wii fit it had been 536 days.  They can't seem to get enough of the thing now!  Even Sam was playing basketball on it last night with Noah.  My grandmother came over and the kids placed her on the balance board to test what her fit age was.  She's 82, but has a fitness level of a 78 year old!

I bought Wii resort which is cool and has alot of fun games.  Today we are going to buy Dance Revolution and Harvest Moon if we can find it.  The Wii is fun and interactive, but lacks alot for a serious gamer.  I love RPG games.  My ultimate favorite is Kingdom Hearts.  If PS3 releases a new KH I will be buying this console!

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  1. Make sure you get two mats with Dance Revolution. Also check out Band Hero.