Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Addy is walking. She's so small she reminds me of a little Chuckie doll.
Today Addy and I went to Ward's and picked up some locally grown strawberries.  The child is picky, but she loves strawberries.  As you can by her face!

I made some smoothies with the rest.  Some plain yogart, milk, strawberries and a banana.  Wayyyy better than any store bought stuff!

It seems like forever since I've written.  I've been so busy with.....well life in general.  I got back last week from Charleston, SC visiting with my parent's.  We had a really great time.  Way to short though.  Charleston was charming.  The old homes were gorgeous...better than Savannah.  However, I adore Savannah and prefer it over the two.  Savannah is very artsy...due to SCAD.  Charleston seemed much more ritzy.

Of course we went to a ghost tour one night.  Here is the first picture I snapped when we entered the graveyard.  Look at all of those orbs!  My camera stopped working in the graveyard and started working again when we left.  I guess the spirits drained all of my battery power for energy.  Even Sam said it was weird...and he's a skeptic.

Walking past a wine and cheese shop I found this wine...describes me at times I suppose.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Lemonade Goodness

This weekend my wonderful co-worker brought a frozen lemonade pie to work to add to our fluffiness.  This was really, really good.  I'm sure it will be even better in the scorching summer ahead.  Plus, it's so simple a child could make it.


Pre-made graham cracker crust

1 tub of Cool Whip

1 can sweetened condensed milk

4 ounces cream cheese

6 ounces frozen lemonade

Mix all ingredients until well blended.  Place in pie crust.  Put in freezer until firm and well set.  Control yourself and only have one piece!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Goodbye Piercing...Hello New Tattoo

I have had my nose piercing for 4.5 months now.  I have loved it, even though it has given me problems off and on.  I developed the dreaded bump and was able to get it to go down with neosporin, but it seemed to always creep back.  I have never removed the original stud, until Monday because I had to get another MRI.  Mother freak, the stupid thing would not come out.  I fiddled with it for about 30 minutes, causing my poor nose alot of trauma.  Finally the sucker came out.  Alexis and I headed to Claire's to get something temporary to pop in, but the poor little hole closed up halfway.  So, after much sadness I let it close all of the way and will get it redone in about a month.  My nose is still sore!

I have fell in love with the concept of this little tattoo and have decided I am going to get something similar to it maybe this Friday.  I want it to go on the back of my neck, so it can be covered by my hair.  I also want the bee to look a little more realistic.

(This tattoo is from poet Rebecca Loudon)

The picture is to cute and symbolic to me in many ways.

Fantastic Two Days, but pass on the buffalo

The past two days were really fun, busy and tiring at the same time.  I had my second visit at Mayo Clinic and had to spend the night due to a procedure I had to have done.  The second day there I met with one of the docters.  I go back on March 19th to meet with the MS neuro and then my internal medicine doctor, who by the way is wonderful.  That's when all of my test results will be discussed and hopefully I'll get some sort of diagnosis and closure on the thing that has been plaguing me all of these years.   The hospital I work at is the pits compared to Mayo Clinic.  They have everything down to an exact science.  Can't stop gushing about how good they are...sorry!

So had to take advantage of staying in Jacksonville.  Alexis came with me for a mom and daughter overnight trip. It was great.  We ate at Teds Montana Grill

that night.  It was really good food...all made fresh and organic.  I got it in my head that I wanted to try bison.  Convinced myself that I would love it.  Well guess what...I didn't.  The waiter told it me it tasted sweeter....what he really met to say was that it tasted gamey!  It was all I could do to choke down half of the meat.  Now I know buffalo is not my thing.

So we headed off to Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie.  Alexis bought some things there and I just drooled all over the place in Anthropologie , but got control of myself before anyone noticed.

I bought a hippy type sweater at Holister....89.00 to 15.98.  (Clap)  Then we went to Lucky and I bought a gypsey skirt, 2 sweaters, hippie guaze top, long sleeved shirt, a Joan Jett onsie for Addy, bracelet and two necklaces for $122.00.  Wholly hell...Alexis and I added it up and it would have been 650.00.  That my friends was a true jackpot!

We finished our shopping excursion with chocolate cupcakes from the Cheesecake Factory and

                                                                Izzy Sparkling juices.

 I had grapefruit and she had pomegranate.  Life was good again:)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Doodle Bug!

Anthropologie cuteness

I couldn't resist the salt amd pepper shakers like little toadstools
from anthropologie. The picture was also a must have due to my
affectionato for Victorian peeps with animal heads.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Baby Bunnies

Well one little bunny went to her new home today. Here is the little
male from the first litter. He looks like his dad.

The little black one is sooo darn cute. That litter is so chilled. If
it's a for we are going to keep her and breed her back to her dad.
Eventually the lionhead will be bred out.

New Books

This looks like an awesome book by Melissa Milgrom.  It looks to be morbidly fascinating.   I love taxidermy animals.  Weird I know. I could have snagged the opoosum for practice...like the mad scientist in the kitchen.....just kidding;)

The sequel to The Forest of Hands and Teeth.  (Clapping hands in anticipation)

Looks Interesting........

Another sequel I have been waiting for.  My finger is waiting on my Kindle button!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Today was a great day.  I was alone.........went window shopping alone.  I am a loner.  I hate shopping with others.....except my kids and mom.  Don't do the girlfriend shopping thing, never did.  It bothers me.  I can do lunch fine, but shopping is my thing.  

First I drove Noah to school to Newberry and then went into the Flour Pot bakery in Tioga for an apple turnover, got that plus an artichoke, brie and gouda croissant.  OMG!!!

I went to the bead store and bought a ball of hemp and some pretty wood and bone beads for the girls to learn to macramé jewelry.  

Went to Hogtownne Music and put my sweet little Luna Ukulele on layaway.  I couldn't resist....she sounds so good and really is so beautiful.  That's why she's $229.99 and not 29.99 like the others they had there:)

Sam and I caught the noon show of Alice.  It was really good.  Johnny Depp played an awesome role as the mad hatter.  He's a little nutty anyways I think.  

Went to TJ Maxx and put some outfits on layaway for our Charleston trip in a few weeks.  I get to see my mom and dad....am counting the days....plus get to try out my mom's lady bug wheel. 

Then went to the Great Outdoors for dinner and listened to the live band that was playing there.  

Today was great, but now I am whipped and ready for bed.

Good Times at the Derby

So the whole fam went to watch the Gainesville Roller Rebels on Sunday night.  Okay first let me say I loved the Derby....and second....I loved the Derby!  Sigh...if only I wasn't the main bread winner in the fam I may have to give it a try.  The girls were great to watch...their names cracked me up.  Pochahotass....get it...Pochahontas.  It was great.  The place was packed.  Alot of people I recognized from around Gville.  It's actually a very small town.  The sport seems to have a certain type of followers.....our kind of people for sure.

The Gainesville Sun took Addy's picture for the paper wanting to know of it was her first Derby.  She seemed to like all of the action and couldn't stop dancing to the music.  ACDC came on and she started banging her head back and forth.  I almost peed my pants!  She was a big hit:)

Ashley went to their new orientation on Wed to become a Derby girl.  They have to practice alot so we'll see what happens there.  As soon as Addy gets walking good we'll throw skates on her feet and get her going!  I am going to plan to go to each home match now that I have their schedule.  The next one is in April.  It was a good time for all:)