Friday, March 5, 2010

Good Times at the Derby

So the whole fam went to watch the Gainesville Roller Rebels on Sunday night.  Okay first let me say I loved the Derby....and second....I loved the Derby!  Sigh...if only I wasn't the main bread winner in the fam I may have to give it a try.  The girls were great to watch...their names cracked me up.  Pochahotass....get it...Pochahontas.  It was great.  The place was packed.  Alot of people I recognized from around Gville.  It's actually a very small town.  The sport seems to have a certain type of followers.....our kind of people for sure.

The Gainesville Sun took Addy's picture for the paper wanting to know of it was her first Derby.  She seemed to like all of the action and couldn't stop dancing to the music.  ACDC came on and she started banging her head back and forth.  I almost peed my pants!  She was a big hit:)

Ashley went to their new orientation on Wed to become a Derby girl.  They have to practice alot so we'll see what happens there.  As soon as Addy gets walking good we'll throw skates on her feet and get her going!  I am going to plan to go to each home match now that I have their schedule.  The next one is in April.  It was a good time for all:)

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