Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Farwell 2009

Well 2009 is about over.  It was not a good year for me in many ways, but some of the wonderful points were that Adalae graced our presence and  my mom and I are talking again (I missed her so).   I have great aspirations for 2010.  I have big resolutions...Sam laughed and said they were to hefty.  I think they are doable.  They are all somewhat of a lifestyle change.  My life needs re-vamping.

1.  Blog and journal everyday.....even if it's a few sentences.

2.   Go on the Clean Eating only whole foods..nothing processed.

3.  Exercise

4.  Avoid shopping and only thrift for 6 months while saving for my 2 1/2 week vacation to New England in August.  This will be by far the hardest thing for me because I am a shopaholic.  Sam laughed and said no yarn.  However, yarn doesn't count.  Like I pointed out to Sam...that is my hobby and I will need something to do during this dark time.  He pointed out that yarn is my hobby, but shopping is my shrink.  I will show him:)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Here is my adorable knitting shirt Lex got me for Xmas. I love it!!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I found this pattern in a knitting magazine not long ago. Apparently it's been around for awhile. It's a block pattern and I just love it. Obviously it will take quite sometime to do. However, a block a month may to doable.

Christmas was great this year even though I worked. The kids ended up opening gifts at 8pm....there choice. I will post pictures later of the festivites. I finally got my beloved silver confetti charm bracelet with a bee charm from Alexis. Abby former great sock yarn and knitting handmade soap. Plus Alexis got me the coolest handscreened tshirt from the knitting store which I have been eyeing for quite sometime. Sam got me an espresso maker, feather pillows and a new blanket. My mom sent me a bunch of wonderful yarn from blue sky alpaca, beautiful wooden cable needles from lattern moon, a cute knitting project bag and an adorable stitch marker holder. I loved everything!!!!!! Sent from my iPhone

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Great Giveaway!

I love giveaways. This Touchsmart HP computer would be great for the holidays. Check out the link below and enter:)

Totally Together Reviews: HP TouchSmart Computer Review and Give-Away!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Best Movie Ever

Today was eventful.  It was Noah's 12th birthday.  He wanted a special mom day, so we went to Mia Sushi for lunch.  Then to see Avatar.  Holy crap.....we went to see the 3D version and 3D has come a looong way.  This movie was sooooo awesome.  Better than Star Wars.  It will change the revolution of special effects and movie making. We then got a cake from Cold Stone....worth the $30.00.

We then tricked Noah with a fleece from Old Navy as his only b-day gift.  However, we broke out his new flat screen tv that Sam and I froze for the day after Thanksgiving.  Today was a great day!

Sock Monkies

I need to start a sock monkey for Addy.  I want to make one instead of buying one from mass production.  While searching for a pattern, I found these socks that will be on the needles as soon as I buy some yarn.  There is nothing in my stash that would work:(

For all of you knitter''s the link for the monkey socks.......

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa Baby...Don't Think So

We took Addy to see Santa.  She really wasn't feeling it at all.  She was tired.  Started to cry and then stopped when the elf lady shook some bells for her.  We didn't get any good pics.  These are from the Iphone.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Well my grandmother is here. My house is active right now. Addy loves her. I think she reminds her of her babysitter. Her and her boyfriend visited tonight. Old people cute!

Each day Addy amazes me with her antics. Being a ya ya is to cool. I can hand her over when I've had enough. Enjoy all the fun stuff and not have to do the not so fun mommy stuff. She gives kisses now...claps her hands...toddles and climbs all around the furniture...dances up and down to music...makes the funniest faces ever.....laughs....cuddles....drinks yogart...makes me smile.

Since Ashley is a poor college student this year....I'm Santa for Addy.  Yes, I know she has no clue yet, but she still needs some toys.  I did get some really cute stuff from Melissa and Doug...she got a mozart cube which is awesome...some regular fp toys.....a leapfrog table which she got early and loves the thing...and I just ordered her the above Haba blocks.  

I can't wait to start buying babies.  When she's a little older she needs to go to FOA Schwartz to the baby floor.  It will be one for Addy and one for Ya Ya.  I still love dolls.  For her birthday this year she is getting Baby Stella.

I can't wait to give the kids their presents this year.  Can't post their gifts yet because they read my blog:)  I love them all so much.  They are really the best kids ever.  I am very blessed:)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I love Amazon.  Not only because my beloved Kindle comes from there, but because they have everything and the prices are always great.  Especially with books.  I became a prime member so I can get my stuff in two days for free.....because I am an instant gratification kind of girl.

I can't wait till tomorrow when my new book 

Knitted Lace of Estonia: Techniques, Patterns, and Traditions

arrives. I love, love, love knitting lace. It's so not boring. I may have to take a ride to The Local Needle tommorrow to buy the most beautiful purple alpaca/cashmere lace yarn I saw there. I had spent to much when I was in there before and put it back at the last minute.

Check out the spider scarf I am planning on knitting....great for next fall.

This was made and created by one of the owners of Hanks Yarn and Fabric.  My LYS.  Much love.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Look at this little peep.  She truly (not because she's mine) is a beautiful baby.  She looks alot like her mom did way back when.  Getting ready for Xmas and my grandmother.  Both things are stressful for me.  Fun, but stressful.

A knitted hat with a sock monkey outfit.  Can't beat that.  I love sock monkey's.  My vintage one is stuffed with old women stockings. Poor thing has been through the ringer though.  I want to knit Addy her own.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Not to happy after naptime.... Which translates to 5 minutes by the

Addy was great in Wally World. She's growing so fast. Anxious to
walk. Yaya is wishing she was stationary once again.

Knitting Goodies

Here are some very nice, cute knitting accessories. They were all found at Webs in Mass. My mom is soooo lucky that this is her local yarn store. Will definitely be going there in August.

Stitch markers by Lantern Moon

Teeny, tiny hand carders for felting

Great book on spinning with a drop spindle


Cute little project bag

Cutesy needles

Adorable stitch marker necklace

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sophie the Giraffe

I have been looking at Sophie for awhile on Amazon.  She's a 100% natural teether from Paris, France for babies.  Low and behold I found her in a small store in Gville.  Addy seems to love her.  She squeeks like a dog toy.  A $20.00 dog toy I may add.


It really bothers me that every toy I pick up for Addy seems to be electronic.  I don't know why I am bothered so much..I am a techno geek.  I am trying to buy her some non-electronic stuff for Xmas (since I'm Santa this year while her mother is a poor student).  But I have found that the non electronic stuff, believe it or not tends to be a bit pricey.  I love Melissa and Doug things and have bought her some of that.  I mostly shopped online, but did go to the Toybox today in Gville.  It's a high end fru-fru toystore.  I loved it.  There was a big case near the register that housed these.  They are on my wish list because I love Madame Alexander dolls and I love Alice.