Friday, December 18, 2009

Well my grandmother is here. My house is active right now. Addy loves her. I think she reminds her of her babysitter. Her and her boyfriend visited tonight. Old people cute!

Each day Addy amazes me with her antics. Being a ya ya is to cool. I can hand her over when I've had enough. Enjoy all the fun stuff and not have to do the not so fun mommy stuff. She gives kisses now...claps her hands...toddles and climbs all around the furniture...dances up and down to music...makes the funniest faces ever.....laughs....cuddles....drinks yogart...makes me smile.

Since Ashley is a poor college student this year....I'm Santa for Addy.  Yes, I know she has no clue yet, but she still needs some toys.  I did get some really cute stuff from Melissa and Doug...she got a mozart cube which is awesome...some regular fp toys.....a leapfrog table which she got early and loves the thing...and I just ordered her the above Haba blocks.  

I can't wait to start buying babies.  When she's a little older she needs to go to FOA Schwartz to the baby floor.  It will be one for Addy and one for Ya Ya.  I still love dolls.  For her birthday this year she is getting Baby Stella.

I can't wait to give the kids their presents this year.  Can't post their gifts yet because they read my blog:)  I love them all so much.  They are really the best kids ever.  I am very blessed:)


  1. We aren't the best kids! Ur the best mom. <33

  2. awwe mommy ur the best ever!!!
    love alexis