Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fairy Child

Adalae Fae my fairy grandbaby....No really, she was named after the fairies, she's little like them.  My personal Thumbelina.  I think she can see them.  They watch her.  She watches them.                                                                 Despite my daughter's adverse affection for animals, her daughter seems to be mesmerized by them and they to her.

Monday, July 27, 2009


I took a spinning class at Hank's Yarn and Fiber this month.  I'm a self taught knitter ,crocheter, quilter, sewer, rug hooker, cooker and mother,  but spinning actually intimidated me.  So I broke down and paid for the class, flirted with the wheel, courted her and now am completely smitten.  I am renting a Louet, but want my very own to love forever! It's between the Louet Julia ..............................................................
or the Lendrum DT. I'm a very fickle girl. Can't make a decision. Leaning more towards the Lendrum.....I think?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Comandos in the beeyard

Sam said it time and time again...."You won't want the girls once you get stung. You'll freak out and be scared. You hate bugs." Yada yada yada. Truth be told, he is somewhat right. I hate bugs. They make my skin crawl. That's why this beeventure is so crazy wild for me. BUT I passed the test. The girls are staying and not being sent to the gas chamber.   Let me shed some light on this situation. Somehow in the past 2 months my docile hive bees have turned into angry bitches. Mother freak...Wholly hell...they're satans spawn I tell you. It all started when Sam was doing a good deed one night a month ago and decided to weed the beeyard. The other hives were obliviously. God's docile creatures. That is until he started in front my hive. He said was was weeding, minding his business, when a guard bee sat and looked at him, suited up in armor, and made a straight beeline into his eye! She was a tough little solider, followed him all the way to the barn.

A few other incidents happened when they reared their evil heads and sowed their true color.  Red being theirs ...Red with horns and pitchforks! However, last night frosted the cake. I went out to feed the girls while Sam was mowing back near our beeyard. Probably not the smartest timing. Took the top jars off without a glich on the first two hives. Took a breath and went in for mine. Removed the jar and went to quickly replace the lid when all of a sudden five little warriors started flying at me.  Well I had no protective wear on, so I started walking quickly, more came flying out and then what did I do but start running....Sam was off the mower trying to avoid me, the bee prey, when I felt them crawling and stinging in my shirt...so the logical thing was to strip off my shirt which I did, along with flinging off my glasses and loosing  a new earring.  What a site for the people driving by.  A crazy women running around the yard in her bra!  The little bee soldiers followed me all the way back to my house!  5 stings...5....they burned like hell....When bees sting they give off pheromones to the others that you are the target...the enemy...so I sent the girls out to collect the strewn stuff.  There were still 2 bees twenty minutes later on my discarded shirt, encircling the air above looking for me.  Those little trackers!  The real point of this post is that I still am smitten with bees, and Sam was wrong:)

Need it, want it, must haves

Most everyone that really knows me knows that I like to shop, like techy things and love to surf the web...shopping of course.  I enjoy it so much I have to put myself on my timeout mat or my children would starve and we would be living in a tent in our backyard.  I can find anything and everything on the web.  Just gimme the assignment.  I'm a master surfer I tell ya...I'm always looking for different things that are unique with an Indie flair.  That's me.  So I'll try and share these sites on a weekly basis......c'mon and live a little!

I love Bust  
magazine. It's edgy, fun and full of cool things. Their store, Bust Boobtique, is awesome. Edgy cuteness like this umbrella...how freakin cute is that?

Ya'll know this is a must have....I heart pinups!

The Blue Q
is a nifty little site with the cutest stuff.   Check it out! Bath sake...hmmmm...screw that just gimme the sake to drink!
Check this gum out I need a pallet please to pass out to the women delivering year after year at my hospital.  Give your poor uterus a break please!
And this sassy mama needs this soapfor her chicks.  To freakin cute!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Whole Lot of Rosie Goin' On!

All right ladies...here's a little history lesson for you. We all know Rosie right? You know Rosie the Rivetor with the flexing bicep in World War II advertising. Well who exactly was she anyways? Rose Will Monroe, was born in Kentucky and moved to Michigan during World War II to work as a riveter at the Willow Run Aircraft Well. Unheard of in those days....truly...women were at home birthing babies and actually cooking for their families...working outside the home during this era took guts and courage. She created the movement of women in the workforce that is our norm. She was a tough, gutsy chick.... in my eyes she's a cultural icon. 

Check out the site  
Rosie's Workwear.  They have freakin' cute stuff.  I need to buy a pair of these pink overalls
Plus I need a pair of coveralls to work with my evil beehive. Yes evil, they're bitchy,like little  Rambos in my bee yard.  I can't have that.  I think I need to kill their queen, if I can find her, and replace her.  God rest her soul.  More on that to come... 

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dark and Twisty

Black Phoenix Alchemy is a company out of North Hollywood that has awesome, dark and twisty perfume oils. They are "Gothic with romantic undertones". How yummy is that???

The site is overwhelming with sooo many scents, but they do have trial size "imps" *(reminiscent of a little fairy, eh?) that are $3.50 a piece. And look what else I found....a white rabbit scent locket! This is a must have for me because I adore Alice so much!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I survived the big 40.  My girlies at work treated me to lunch at Texas Road House and then with a big fat cake.  I delivered a baby today that shared my birthday.  I got great gifts from the chicks. A gorgeous necklace from an artist on Etsy....     It's a real live (well actually dead now) Queen bee from a hive that died from Colony Collapse Disorder.  Ash got me an antique honey pot, along with a vintage baby deer bookend...very kitchy.  And Noah, well, he cleaned his room and that tickled me PINK.  Which reminds me.  PINK...my favorite color.  It envokes thoughts of fluffy cotton candy from a carnival and pink poodle skirts.

More pink here, if you please. - Franz Liszt

On Friday I get this beauty...I've been waiting and waiting and waiting. ....isn't she pretty????? And guess what???    She's Pretty in Pink!
All she needs now is a basket and a sandy beach.
So I guess forty wasn't so bad after all.  It could be worse...I could be like the Queen in the necklace...God rest her soul!


The day is finally here.....it can't possibly be, but it is.  Let me calculate. Born in 1969, now 2009..hmmm.....do the math....yep I'm forty today.  I have a fear about getting old.  I want to be 25 again.  Heck I'd stay 39 forever.  In fact I think I will be 39 forever.  At least my daughter told me that I did not have crow's feet today! 
 I need to stock up on some buf pufs. 
My 80 year old grandmother, with little wrinkles, swears this is her fountain of youth secret.  She also uses vaseline nightly on her face, so who the hell knows?  I guess it has many universal uses.  
So how old am I really? 39 FOREVER!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Hi all!  My name is Cori Gilkey and I finally took the plunge into the wonderful world of blogging.  I have been a blog stalker for the past year and a half.  Gazing wondrously at the inspiring eye candy that graced the pages of the unknown people that wrote them.   Staying up for hours a night getting a glimpse into the lives of people from around the world with my same interests...wow how great is that?  I'm the person that likes to drive at night to get a glimpse inside beautiful old houses to view the decor of the people living there.  My husband says I'm nosey. But blogging...hmmm...I guess it could be kinda classified as  cyber "peeping"........So after many months of peeking behind the curtain into the world of others  I'm ready to be center stage...I wanna be a SUPASTAR!!!!!!

Wow!  My own baby blog to nurture and make grow.  I can do this.  I have confidence.  I nuture  because that's what I do.  I have four chicks that I've fed, coddled and preened.  (Amazing seeing that I am an only child).  Add water.  They will grow...I've done something right because they continue to grow, and grow and grow.  They are glorious.  Take a look..................................................................................................................................  

My little peep (My daughters chick)  arrived on April 14th.  She throttled into the world encouraged by cheers of the women in the family.  It was like a tribal ritual.  No boys aloud.  My 80 year old grandmother was there with her pom-poms and  although fascinated with Addy's birth, she seemed more mesmerized by the placenta.   Yuck.  At least we left that at the hospital!

 Lastly, how can you have chicks and a peep without a rooster.  Well here's mine.  Even though he struts around demanding authority....we all secretly know he's henpecked!

So that's all the resident's in my little coop.  With human DNA that is.  The furry friends will be 
right around the corner.  With them come  the written antics and adventures of my life as a mother, labor and delivery nurse, crafter, chef, homesteader, animal keeper, ghost magnet  and now BLOGGER.  Whew!  We are crazy bunch that my daughter has affectionately nicknamed the Adams Family....hmmmmmm....I get that now!  Come join us....................................................

What the buzz???

"What made you decide to get bees?" someone asked with a slightly horrified expression...a very natural question seeing that 30,000 honeybees can envoke fear even in the manliest man around.  They're an insect....a flying insect that buzzes around causing us to swat and run in fear to avoid their potentially painful STINGER.   But folks, these are amazing little creatures that essentially run a neat and tidy community hidden deep within their hive.  Fascinating, really fascinating.  They have a leader...long live the Queen! She has her groupies (aka.attendants) that follow her around and attend to her every need. She employs housekeepers (for free) that keep her home tidy and clean.  She has numerous nurse maids that feed and watch her babies.  She employs guard bees to keep her home free of intruders.  Trust me folks, they are fearless and fierce, just ask Sam.  While trying make their landing pathway less cluttered by weeds...a guard bee flew off the landing path and !*BAM*!...stinger right on the eye! However, the guard bees are  sure to let the Queens personal shoppers into the hive, but only after a thourough check that they aren't intruders. .the shoppers bring home the bacon, honey!  Pollen to give to the cooks to make wonderfully glorious, liquid gold, natures sugar.... HONEY. Need I say more.

Of course going into this I knew nothing of their little communal compound.  It wasn't until one night while watching Sue Monk Kidds  The Secret Life of Bees

that the girls started to intrigue me.  I could feel it coming on...the sponaneous thought that I could be a beekeeper...how fun would that be?  I could enlist the chicks and we could do it together, creating our own little bee empire.  The crazy thought was solidified when Sam and I went to Savannah and visited the Savannah Bee Company

"I want bees", I said sheepishly.

"The first time you get stung you won't want them anymore," he stated matter of factly.   "You hate bugs, don't forget."

"I want bees.  I can do this," I replied firmly.

With a sigh of defeat he said, "Okay, whatever you want."

Ha!  I win....(again:)

To be continued.....................................................................................................................