Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I survived the big 40.  My girlies at work treated me to lunch at Texas Road House and then with a big fat cake.  I delivered a baby today that shared my birthday.  I got great gifts from the chicks. A gorgeous necklace from an artist on Etsy....     It's a real live (well actually dead now) Queen bee from a hive that died from Colony Collapse Disorder.  Ash got me an antique honey pot, along with a vintage baby deer bookend...very kitchy.  And Noah, well, he cleaned his room and that tickled me PINK.  Which reminds me. favorite color.  It envokes thoughts of fluffy cotton candy from a carnival and pink poodle skirts.

More pink here, if you please. - Franz Liszt

On Friday I get this beauty...I've been waiting and waiting and waiting. ....isn't she pretty????? And guess what???    She's Pretty in Pink!
All she needs now is a basket and a sandy beach.
So I guess forty wasn't so bad after all.  It could be worse...I could be like the Queen in the necklace...God rest her soul!

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  1. I see that pink schwinn roxie bike everyday on campus. I SOOO want to ride it.