Saturday, July 25, 2009

Need it, want it, must haves

Most everyone that really knows me knows that I like to shop, like techy things and love to surf the of course.  I enjoy it so much I have to put myself on my timeout mat or my children would starve and we would be living in a tent in our backyard.  I can find anything and everything on the web.  Just gimme the assignment.  I'm a master surfer I tell ya...I'm always looking for different things that are unique with an Indie flair.  That's me.  So I'll try and share these sites on a weekly basis......c'mon and live a little!

I love Bust  
magazine. It's edgy, fun and full of cool things. Their store, Bust Boobtique, is awesome. Edgy cuteness like this freakin cute is that?

Ya'll know this is a must have....I heart pinups!

The Blue Q
is a nifty little site with the cutest stuff.   Check it out! Bath sake...hmmmm...screw that just gimme the sake to drink!
Check this gum out I need a pallet please to pass out to the women delivering year after year at my hospital.  Give your poor uterus a break please!
And this sassy mama needs this soapfor her chicks.  To freakin cute!

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  1. Hahaahahahaha!!!! Mom, you shop like crazy! ;]

    Love the gum....hehe