Saturday, July 25, 2009

Comandos in the beeyard

Sam said it time and time again...."You won't want the girls once you get stung. You'll freak out and be scared. You hate bugs." Yada yada yada. Truth be told, he is somewhat right. I hate bugs. They make my skin crawl. That's why this beeventure is so crazy wild for me. BUT I passed the test. The girls are staying and not being sent to the gas chamber.   Let me shed some light on this situation. Somehow in the past 2 months my docile hive bees have turned into angry bitches. Mother freak...Wholly hell...they're satans spawn I tell you. It all started when Sam was doing a good deed one night a month ago and decided to weed the beeyard. The other hives were obliviously. God's docile creatures. That is until he started in front my hive. He said was was weeding, minding his business, when a guard bee sat and looked at him, suited up in armor, and made a straight beeline into his eye! She was a tough little solider, followed him all the way to the barn.

A few other incidents happened when they reared their evil heads and sowed their true color.  Red being theirs ...Red with horns and pitchforks! However, last night frosted the cake. I went out to feed the girls while Sam was mowing back near our beeyard. Probably not the smartest timing. Took the top jars off without a glich on the first two hives. Took a breath and went in for mine. Removed the jar and went to quickly replace the lid when all of a sudden five little warriors started flying at me.  Well I had no protective wear on, so I started walking quickly, more came flying out and then what did I do but start running....Sam was off the mower trying to avoid me, the bee prey, when I felt them crawling and stinging in my the logical thing was to strip off my shirt which I did, along with flinging off my glasses and loosing  a new earring.  What a site for the people driving by.  A crazy women running around the yard in her bra!  The little bee soldiers followed me all the way back to my house!  5 stings...5....they burned like hell....When bees sting they give off pheromones to the others that you are the target...the I sent the girls out to collect the strewn stuff.  There were still 2 bees twenty minutes later on my discarded shirt, encircling the air above looking for me.  Those little trackers!  The real point of this post is that I still am smitten with bees, and Sam was wrong:)


  1. your bee adventure with the clothes was like my ant nightmare at school. I almost took off my clothes because I was covered in them

  2. you should spray some dermoplast on the will help alot.