Monday, November 22, 2010

Eat Pray Love and Socks

Well tomorrow Eat Pray Love is released on DVD.  I loved this movie and book.  So much that I have investigated going to take a trip to Bali myself.  I was tickled when I saw this knitting book being released.

 I have pre-ordered it on Amazon and anxiously await it's arrival.  My goal is to have a whole drawer filled with handmade socks by the end of the year.  Maybe a pair a month?

New Yarn - Much Love

While at Rhinebeck this year, my mom and I stumbled upon a vendor that was surrounded by people.  So many people we could barely get in to see what the hype was about.  When we managed to push inside we were in awe.  It was the Sanguine Gryphon...based out of Maryland with luscious colors and cool yarn names to boot.

Their patterns are very Steampunkish.  My mom and I bought the pattern and yarn to do this shawl.  I bought some sock patterns and a few other shawl patterns..  I have started the socks, but can't tell if I like my yarn choice or not.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sweater Success

Finally Addy's owlet sweater is done. I will never do a sweater that requires me to sew on 28 buttons again. The owls are adorable. I love owls...all 14.


I had about nine pickling cukes in the fridge either needing to be used or composted. What the heck... Quick fridge garlic pickles it is.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Red Ape Anyone?

While shopping at Ward's last week, I finally bought a jar of
to try.  I have looked at it many times, but 6.00 for cinnamon seemed steep.  However, I am a big fan of sustainably harvested foods and such.   Let  me tell you that it is well worth the price.  The quality is unmistakable.  The color is a lighter reddish brown...different  from the knock off stuff.  The company only uses the inner pure cinnamon bark from cassia cinnamon trees that are at least twenty years old.

These older tree have a higher Volatile Oil
 count that makes the quality of the cinnamon higher also.  Another plus is the 5% of their profits go to the protection and restoration of the orangutan habitat in Indonesia.  Bravo! Well worth the splurge.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Santa Baby

So Santa if you are are things I would love for Christmas. Not everything...maybe a few...some modest, some not. I've been good this year;)

Offhand Design knitting bag

Doc Martins
Individual coffee/tea press from starbucks

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sons of Anarchy

Before we left for Mass. I wanted to buy a tv series to watch on the train.  I remember seeing previews for SOA when it came out a few years ago and wanting to watch it, but forgot about it because I really don't watch that much tv.  So before we left I watched the first three episodes from Netflix got sucked in, and ordered the rest of season one on Itunes because I couldn't wait.  It was sooo good that by the time we pulled into Penn Station in New York (they have free Wifi), I was frantically pulling out my Macbook to download season 2 before the next train left for Boston.  In fact, I didn't even knit on the train...just watched SOA.

Now my friends at work tease me that my type of guy looks like they have Hep. C.  That's a bunch of nurses for you.  Not every long haired, tattooed, biker man is infectious girls.  But this look is my type of guy.  Sam is not tatted up, does not have long hair, but he is far from the clean cut look that does nothing for me.  He's got a long beard, burley, and a rugged look which I love.

 Anyways, back to the Sons.  This show is awesome.  I have become a little obsessed, if that's what you want to call a 40 something year old woman that has downloaded every song and episode from the show, plus the Iphone application.  Someone that reads every interview, looks at pictures, even re-watches favorite episodes.  Yikes...I am scaring myself.  I have even managed to suck my daughter, son and Sam into the vortex.  However, I don't think Sam is fantasizing about biker dudes with long hair....however, there are sexy chicks in the show.

The show is on FX.  It's about an outlaw mc in California that is bad, but good.  Katie Sagal rocks as the mom and matriarch of the family.  She is bad ass, but loves her family.  Only two more episodes left from season three.  I have no earthly idea how I will manage until fall....sniff, sniff.

  Check out this pure awesomeness:)

Netflix does have Season 1 and 2.  If you watch it and also get sucked into the vortex, season three can be purchased from Itunes and Amazon.  Please be warned....after you finish season 3, it will be cold turkey withdrawls until next year.  You may have to go to rehab.

Boots, Boots and more Boots

I love boots and I need some new ones...Here are my favorites.....with a few shoes added in...

Doc Martins and Uggs




Boys of Summer

Ah...the boys of summer as mom so affectionately calls the Harley bikers that populate the cool New England towns on optimal riding days.  Yes we both have this thing for bikers.  I want a Harley.  I have been working on Sam...who has always wanted a bike, but likes fast, I want a cruiser so we can take leisurely trips to the cool country roads and wear cool leather. Sam already looks like one of the boys we just need the hardware and a couple of skull caps.

Please come to Boston

My hopes of blogging daily from New England did obviously not pan out.  For one, my mom only has an aircard for that left us with just the Iphones...which is fine for blogging really.  I blog alot from my Iphone4.  However, we were just to busy having alot of fun enjoying civilization again.  Don't get me wrong.  My little town in Northern Florida is quaint, but I am so not a Florida girl.  I came here 11 years ago out of circumstance.  Taking a trip back to New England reiterated what I always have known....I am a Yankee and always will be.  I miss the hustle and bustle of a big city....the culture..the opportunities.  Even living in a small city outside of Boston, like Salem where my parent's live, it is a whole different world.  Everything there is old....and I love old.  So my trip provided me with affirmation that I belong there...I am living on borrowed time right now in the Sunshine State.

Our Amtrak ride was cool.  Since we were laden down with soooo many bags, we just waited in Penn Station in NYC for our next train to Boston. We did buy a slice of New York Cheesecake.

Our first day was spent exploring Salem.  I have lived in Salem before, but the town has really grown.  Alexis toured Salem University, which was very nice.  Abby wanted to visit the occult stores.  There are so many in the town....some good, some not so much.  There was a cool new one called Hex that a friend of mom's opened.  It's actually a vodoo shop which was interesting.

Day 2 was spent in Boston.  Showed the girls how to ride the commuter train and subway.  We ate Dim Sum in the morning in China Town.  

Then rode the T back to Fanuel Hall and shopped.  Afterwards we hiked over to the  North End,which is Boston's Little Italy, for the best cannolis I have ever tasted.  
We stopped by an Italian market for some olive antipasta salad, mortadella and sliced provolone.  Low and behold they had the octopus salad that Abby wanted to try so we grabbed that to.

Day 3 we drove to Rhinebeck, NY for the sheep and wool festival.  It was cold, were thousands of people in happy spirits due to yarn intoxication.  Oh and the food venders....we had homemade chicken potpies that were out of this world.  My favorite vender was the Sanguine Griffon...her yarn is awesome..and what a following.  I think we waited in line for a hour just to pay.

Day 4 we went for fresh clams and lobsters.

Day 5 we explored Portsmouth, NH which I loved.  I would so live there.  We ate at a cool little joint called popovers.  Their popovers were delicious!

great hummus plate..

Day 6....back on the train to Florida...sniff, sniff.