Monday, March 7, 2011

Sustainable Happiness

It's been three and a half months since I have journaled on this blog.  Life, as usual, had different things in store for me.  However, I am back...looking to write about my daily adventures on living more sustainably.  I have big plans....huge...and they are beginning to take shape.  Even though I am an urban dweller at this point  in time....that is not stopping me from converting my back yard into somewhat of an urban farm.  People do it everyday.  Take for instance the author Spring Warren, from the Quarter Acre Farm...she wanted to grow 75% of her families food in her own backyard.  She just published this book to document her tale.  I just bought it on Amazon and it's great.

I have my ongoing list that I am slowly hacking away at.  Take a look:

Plant three lasagna gardens- In process
Purchase 5 araucana chickens -  completed
Make a rain barrel
Order two new queens for my bee hive- completed
Order one more beehive- Completed
Order worm composter for the house
Get supplies for solar wax melter- Completed
Order new cheese making supplies
Get canning equipment
Purchase crock to make sauerkraut and pickles
Make 100% of my own cleaning products
Make candles and soap

See the list is long....extensive....there is always more...but it's such of feeling of accomplishment I tell ya!

The best thing this weekend was the acquisition of my 4 araucana chicks and 1  amerucana.  I purchased them from a breeder in Live Oak, Florida.  These chickens are so sweet and docile and they lay colored eggs, which I wanted.   Sam patiently took me to tractor supply to get the equipment to set up my brooder.  Then off to pick up the chicks.  They are adorable....their little chick peep sounds filling my bedroom with happiness.  Naming has started...Omelet and Franchesca...three more to go.