Friday, January 8, 2010

Finicky Baby

Okay I know that every baby is different. All 4 of mine were, but
little Adalae is giving her yaya a run for my money. She loves the
booby. Wants nothing else. Never drank from a bottle. Refused formula.
Refuses breastmilk from anything besides her personal milk source.
But I always had babyfood as a back up. That is until now when she has
refused to eat the stuff!

So yaya went to Target yesterday and bought this nifty contraption
called the nibbler. It holds food in the mesh sack so babies can
chomp it without choking. Truly ingenious. A small food processor was
bought for the counter and now baby is eating pureed tablefood. I
made funnel cakes today and she was loving them!

She says nice when petting the animals and said no a few times today.
She's growing up so fast and is so smart. It must be all of that
booby milk!

1 comment:

  1. Aww, Addie giving everyone a hard time with the boob, or as Nana says, "titty"