Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I have been a slacker with my blog lately.  Abby was quick to remind me that I haven't posted since January 8th.  Well there goes my New Year's resolution down the toilet.  Actually the only one that I have upheld so far was not to do any unnecessary shopping.  I have done pretty good with that, even though the peep and I ventured to TJ Maxx today...BUT it was for a birthday present for Abby so it was permitted.  Actually, it was like a crack fix!  I felt so much more relaxed after I left.  This my friends is sad........I am really a shopaholic:(

Actually my slacking as been indicative of some health issues that I have been having.  I am hoping that the wonderful Mayo Clinic can help me figure out what is going on in March so I can be normal once again...well as normal as I possibly can be.

These pictures are enough to warm my heart though!

She likes her rockabilly devil duck!

Alot of plans for this weekend.  Abby turns 15!

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