Monday, February 1, 2010

Baby Bunnies

Stella had 5 baby Angora/Lionhead crosses last week.  We didn't even think she was bred.  They really aren't like a dog or cat where you can see a pertruding belly.  Sam found the first one on our screened porch where she was exercising. It was squeeking with a suspicious cat nearby.  It also had a little blood on it's leg...hmmmmm.  We thought that was it, but low and behold there were 4 more in the corner.  After we placed them in the makeshift nesting box that we concoted, we had to baracade the cats out.  Low and behold those suckers figured a way in.  Amazingly enough, one reached into the bunny cage and moved the nesting box to the front.  Alexis did a head count and guess what....only four little rabbits.  I guess the cat had a snack that night.  They are ferocious killers.  The hurt one died.  Now there are three bunnies left....that are thriving I must add.

I'm going to put an ad up at the local yarn stores.  They are for spinning of Angoras are sooo laid back and make awesome pets.  Addy will have great Easter pics this year.  They will be adorable!  Alexis is selling them for $60.00 a piece, which is a steal.  I believe they are all going to be white/cream.

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