Sunday, May 23, 2010

Add love...they will grow

Addy is growing.....and growing fast.  She makes me laugh everyday with funny expressions and new antics.  Now don't get me wrong...somedays she is very trying.  I am sure the child has ADHD like her dad and brother.  She can't sit still for a second and she is spoiled rotten.  Throws herself on the floor and rolls around with a tantrum.  But she is a beautiful child, smart and loving.  She can walk backwards, play kick the ball, plays fetch with the dogs, twirls around and around, gives high fives, jumps (which is hysterical), imitates all of your facial expressions, loves our iphones (smart girl)...had to put on some baby apps for her,  adores animals, loves anything sour including lemons, loves to have her toenails painted and will show them to you if you ask her where pretty is.  She is very much a girlie girl.

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