Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Spiders are indeed amazing spinners. The best...and their webs are very strong for being so fine. I should love them, but I don't. Not even close. They make my skin crawl just thinking about them. I've had close encounters that made me jump and scream like a mad women. Such as the time I put on a sweater and had a huge wolf spider crawl out the neckline..and the time I failed to see the two banana spiders that made their comfy home on my porch doorway and walked smack dab into their web. They are ugly yes, but harmless. But this vixen is not..She's full of poison.  My property(as of today my old property) was a black widow boarding house.  The suckers were everywhere.  So much in fact that you better not pick up anything outside without investigating first.  Including when you went to check the mail and take out the trash.  She loved those spots.  However, they never made it into our house....or so I thought.

I took over some clean clothes to the new house and plunked them down on the floor to sort them into designated rooms, seeing as though there are 6 of us.  While pulling something from the middle, the vixen  rose up from my laundry and brushed my hand with her spindly leg.  Good God, it couldn't be.  I yelled.  My daughter came running.  I grabbed it between two socks and took it outside for a confirming look.

I flipped her over and there on her fat belly was the perfect shape of a scarlet hourglass.  What if she bit me and I didn't realize it???  I was freaking out.  My daughter piped up that she had just studied this yesterday in nursing school and started rattling off symptoms.  I called DH who told me I was being a paranoid freak and to calm down.  During the hoopla we forgot about the vixen.  When she saw us coming, what did she do, but play dead.  They are not only ugly and terrifying, but smart to!  However, she was no match for my flipflop.

So now that we are going to be somewhat citified, hopefully our spider population will decline.  Unless they hitched a ride to the new house.  Needless to say the chicks are now scared to touch the laundry.  How convenient!

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