Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Farwell Country

Up until a week ago we lived on 5 acres in the country. I wanted that. The old farmhouse and all. Well I got it. I grew up in a small town in Pa, but in the city. I've lived all over in big cities. Boston, San Fran, San Diego, Seattle, Washington DC, Hartford, Phoenix, etc.
The culture and convenience was awesome, but the grass is always greener.

The country life enthralled me. I am an animal person, so naturally the thought of having a vast amount of space to have all of my critters was intoxicating. 5 years people. I lived my dream for 5 years. Within that 5 years I sadly realized that I am a city girl at heart. I hated all the bugs, the upkeep of the property was a chore, the isolation and quiet sometimes got to me and it was pitch dark at night.

I finally had it with everything and threw in the towel. We moved one block from downtown in a quiet residential neighborhood. Yes, once agin I have neighbors. I can decorate and pass candy out to trick or treaters. I can walk to the quaint restaurants near by. I can see at night.

My new house is an old house, built in 1942. 2 stories with a charming upstairs balcony/porch that reminds me of a Parisian apt. It has a picket fence...yeah...and a little over an acre of property. Just enough for a garden, my beehives(they are city dwellers now), my dogs, bunnies and will house 2-3 chickens when I get my eggloo. I am what you would term an urban farmer.

So my love affair with the country has's bittersweet, but my love for the city has been rekindled... with a country flair:)

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