Sunday, October 11, 2009

Instant Cuppa Joe

Every morning when I work in Gainesville, I swing by Starbucks. I can't help it...I have to pass by so I midas well stop. I strictly drink decaf because my ticker hates caffeine. What's the point, some ask....the point is that I love the taste and smell of coffee. Especially the taste of freshly ground coffee beans. Chocolate covered espresso beans...yum! Instant coffee always reminds me of old people. My grandparent's drink that stuff. I ont he other hand use it for distressing fabric. At least I did when I was a doll maker. When I went to Starbucks this weekend they were giving out sample packs of their new......INSTANT COFFEE! Italian and Columbian. I was skeptical, but intrigued.  I must say after sampling it ain't your grandmother's Sanka!  I think it was $9.95 for 12 packets.  Not bad if you need Starbucks, but are in BFA somewhere.

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