Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How did I do it?????

I took the the peep to the doctor today while her mom did her first day of clinicals at the nursing home...God love her! She got her 6 month shots and is very healthy...just a little sprite. We stopped at Borders and got Pioneer Women's cookbook. Who by the way will be in Atlanta on December 7th for a book signing. I think DH and I are going to drive up for the night. Unknown to him.

I am now at home and totally exhausted. Babysitting wears me out. I have no idea how I raised 4 kids when they were small???? I try to sit and think about what was different (except the age factor). Hmmmm 4 versus 1..something seems terribly wrong. I was a stay at home mom back then and ran a home daycare for awhile. Dinner was always cooked, laundry done, I even ironed my ex's work shirts...starch and all. Iron you say? What is an iron now?

One adventurous time when I had 3 little children, the smallest being 6 months..I flew from Seattle to visit my mom in CT on a red eye at night...got layed over in Chicago for 4 unexpected hours and hopped on a connecting flight at O'Hare...all by my lonesome with the three girls.

My point being is that one little baby wears my ass slap out now? I am only forty for God's sake....WTF! I need to have a visit from the energy fairy!

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