Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hey Doll

I Love, love, love Japenese ball jointed dolls.  I courted the idea of ownership all of last year.  Blythe was on the top, until I saw the Latidoll.  They are lovely, with their sad eyes.  They are sooo expressive.  Sadly I haven't gotten one yet.  The wait time seems long.  I did buy a small BJD last Christmas.  Her name is Esme and she is still naked and bald.  I did buy her a wig that I didn't like, so now she sits on my Hoosier cabinet with her black goth shoes and nothing else.  My kids say she's creepy.  I love her, but she's not a Lati.  Esme will finally get something to wear this Christmas when I can find something worthy for her on Etsy.  Plus, she needs a brother or sister soon.


  1. luv them! does the one on top have fangs!?!?!
    ps luv your new banner!!!

  2. The one reminds me of that horror movie the grudge....creepy!!