Friday, October 30, 2009

Piercings and some Ink

I don't think I've talked about tattoos or piercings on the blog before. I am in love with tattoos. They are art to me. Pieces of art forever adorned on our bodies. I have two. The fish from Pinnochio (silly choice from my younger days) and Tinkerbell ( which I love, but has turned in to evil fairy from years of sun exposure). I have many plans to get more...; however, the cruel reality of finances has hindered my ink. So many other things have taken the forefront of importance that it became hard to jusifty a 300.00 tattoo at the time. Then was I was ready I was heading to the beach....water and a fresh tattoo don't mix well.

My tattoo wants are big. Not small little ones. I have contemplated half sleeves if my arms weren't chubby Italian arms and I wasn't a nurse that needed to look somewhat professional. I think I am over the chubby arm thing and will settle for 1/4 sleeves to be covered by my scrub tops. A pin up on one side and not sure what will go on the other...I have sooo many loves and ideas and not enough skin surface:)  Tim Harris, from New Haven, Ct, does some of the best pinups I have ever seen.  I want him to do my pinup.  The pinups are all his.

I have never been a big fan of piercings. My daughter had her nose pierced and a Monroe piercing. She has the most awesome sleeve done of my favorite TIME LIFE picture. The sailor kissing the nurse at the end of the war. My mother has her nose pierced....nose piercings I really like if they are SMALL. So, I have decided to take the plunge into the piercing world. My girlie Pepper and I are going next Friday to get our noses done. How exciting. I will post pictures when we are done:)

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  1. you guys officially f'ing suck. u never invite me to go to these cool outings