Friday, October 30, 2009

Charms for the Charmed One

I am not one to get caught up in fads.  That's why I have not succumbed to the Pandora Bracelet pandaemonium.  They don't excite me...everywhere I look someone has one.  In a few years they will be outdated...just like my nomination bracelet is.  Now charm bracelets are another story. They have been around forever.  Timeless.  Not so many people wear them.  My kinda thing.  I found Silver Confetti about three years ago from Martha Stewart. Love, love, love them.  Now, I have been asking for three years to have a bracelet started.  Family if you're listening....I want this.  Santa...helllllllllo.  Top of list with my pink or baby blue Kitchen Aide mixer.  I love the charms.   Sooooo freakin' cute.   Plus they have a bee and spinning wheel.  So much to signify life's loves and events!

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