Friday, October 16, 2009


Well, the last beehive was moved last night.  It really was quite a struggle.  It's the biggest hive,  I swear it weighed about 150#.  Abby and I rushed over at 6pm and started getting it ready.  Along with being the biggest, it was the most temperamental...yes, it is my hive.  After we strapped it down and smoked the girls, they were really pissed.  I didn't think we could lift it, but dh is afraid to work with the bees, so it was just me and Abby.  He man strength took over and in the truck they went.

It was almost dark when we got them back to the new beeyard.  There were ALOT of stragglers that crawled under the hive.  We had to use a little smoke to calm them down.  Somehow one of the girls managed to get inside my veil!  So I ripped that off.  When I got back to the house I heard some buzzing near my head and realized they were in my hair!   DH was laughing and  I was doing the freak out dance.  He did help me get them out though.  He did ask me how someone so scared of bugs decides to get three beehives...and then shook his head and said only you:)

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