Friday, October 23, 2009

I heart Apple!

I am an apple convert.  It's been almost 2 years since I switched teams.  PC to MAC.  Trust me I have NEVER looked back.  I cringe when working on a PC.  Still have a desktop.  Well, my son does because he's a gamer and apple is not known for that.  However, the little techie just got a new Macbook to use at school (everyone in his program did) and he now hearts Apple as well.  Abby had her choice last January for her birthday and decided to pick the crap Sony Vaio.  This year I will convert her to Apple also.

So, not only do we have 2 Macbooks, numerous Ipods, airport extreme....we also have 2 Iphones...soon to add a third.  I LOVE my phone...use it for so much did I ever survive without it.? I have a love affair going on with it!  Well, low and behold when giving the peep a bath on Wed...I had the phone in my scrubs pocket and plop...right into the duckie bathtub!  My heart stopped beating.  I  scrambled for it. Dried it, shook the water out and it turned on!  However, no sound and no calling.  Texting worked though.  I called DH and he said he would swing by and buy me a new one...However, upgrade wasn't available until December, but he would have done it anyway.

I decided to wait...I could talk, but only on speaker phone....To my amazement, yesterday when going to work everything worked!  I guess it finished drying out.  My point to this is that APPLE makes superior products.  The damn phone was submerged in a hot bath and still works.  Perfectly.  Unbelievable.

Rumor has it that they are coming out with an e-reader next year.  I wonder if that will overtake the e-reader market like Ipods took over the MP3 market?

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