Tuesday, September 7, 2010


My chaotic life seems slightly calmer at this moment.  The big difference is that I am not working nearly as much as I used to.  I don't miss working but I do miss the supply of extra money for frivolous spending.  For now, I am toning things down a bit and learning to live simpler, not needing the newest in electronics, settling for what I have so to speak.  Sure, I still want the Ipad down deep because of it's shiny self, but my Macbook works perfectly.  Which brings me to another dilema.  They released the Kindle 3.  Smaller, sleeker, way lower in price.  Our house has three Kindles now.  A few weeks ago I couldn't resist clicking the add to cart button, justifying it by saying that all of the kids could have their own.  Ah, but  it was backordered.  Well of course I forgot about it until I got an email yesterday informing me that it was shipping.  I need to cancel, I thought, to many bills due this week.  The timing is bad.  Where is the damn cancel button...great...due to the shipping soon status it wasn't an option.  Go figure...so on September 9th I will have in my hands the new Kindle 3....can I posibbly resist it's shineness?????

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