Thursday, September 9, 2010


Being the techno nerd that I am, I have known that Mifi has been around for about a year.  With many companies that offer it capping the usage amount before incurring fees, it never seemed worth it.  However, Virgin mobile just  released it's Mifi that has UNLIMITED usage for only 40.00 per month.  Now this runs over Sprint's 3G network and can connect up to 5 devices.  The system itself is 149.00.  I personally think this is a damn good deal.  Especially for people that want a portable wifi spot wherever they go.  It really could serve as your home internet service to, depending on the speed issue.  Just a thought.  It may be something we may have to get.   Think of the possibilites...the information highway available anywhere you go.  God, how did we live without the internet before??

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  1. like regular people who aren't dazzled by technology.LOL