Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Shininess

Well I was weak last week. It happens to all of us. I passed the AT&T store and went in to see the iPhone 4.  It was pretty and shiny and damn they had it in stock. I had no choice but to buy it. Easily justified because my iPhone 3G is old and sketchy at times. When I'm on call at work I need a phone that is in good working order. See, justifiable. So out came my debit card and I walked away with an apple box and new plum encase. 

The phone is wonderful.  It is so much faster then my old one. The clarity of videos is amazing. The camera with the flash and the editing capabilities with the video camera is awesome. I always have my phone, but not always my camera with me. I haven't tried the FaceTime talking yet...but will soon.  I am buying Alexis a new phone this Friday.    I haven't had a lick of problems with the phone yet. Apple now has a 2 year warranty that you can buy also. 

Yet again another wonderful Apple product. Plus it's shiny! 

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