Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tokidoki Purse Snob

Okay...I have a new purse.  I am not a purse person.  If I do have a purse it's usually an expensive one.  I've had a Louey, Gucci, a few Coaches...and oh they have to be real from the store.  I am not a materialistic person..truly...but fakes just don't do it for me.  Ebay knock offs  from China?  No sorry. Who would know my friends say...I would that's who.  Anyways, I have been scoping LeSport Sac's Tokidoki line for awhile.  I love Japanese culture, anime figures with their punky flair.  Anything from Japan is oh so cute...However, I was reluctant to drop 150.00 for their smallest bag...but guess what?  While scoping my favorite store TJMAXX, I found one, just one on the shelf calling my name.  A measly $48.00.  And oh's real!

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