Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chicken Fever

Okay...these chicken coops and bunny houses are just to freakin' awesome. They are made by Omlet and come in the coolest brightest colors. I am sooooo smitten with these, but they are quite expensive....If I told DH that I spent 1200.00 on a cutesy chicken house, my head would be on the chopping block! I'd have to stash and save on my own for this...hmmmmmmm....but if I won the lotto I'd order one in every color...like easter eggs! The UK site has just released beehives that are similar in theme. Beestill my heart...see, Europe has better stuff than us:)

I need chickens...crave chickens....Ameraucana chickens!  Look at these brillant eggs!

I may get chickens, but not the 1,200.00 chicken penthouse.  Ours will have more of a ghetto flair:)

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