Monday, September 14, 2009

How to Eat Fried Worms worms are our friends...not to eat of course, but to help you have a wonderful garden. Vermicomposting is awesome. We have not started ours as of yet, but intend to in the near future. The worms do not need a fancy house. You can really construct their home out of anything that works for you. According to Worm Women these are the only things you need for start up:

aerated container
Bedding such as shredded newspaper
Moisture and proper temperature
Small amount of soil
Redworms (Eisenia fetida)

Any kitchen waste goes to the worms. Bacteria and other organisms munch it up and the worms eat that, plus the bedding and bacteria. Then you are left with a pot of gold for your garden.
1 pound of red wrigglers (1,000) at Uncle Jim's Worm Farm is $19.00. That's cheap. And Uncle Jim's was on Oprah in 2008 for Earth Day..can't beat that..I wonder if she composts? Check it out people....make something good to go back to the earth instead of a bunch of garbage!

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