Saturday, September 12, 2009

Flying Biquits Anyone

I'm always trying some new restaurant.  I saw this sign in G-ville and had to try it cause of the flying pig.  I love pigs and loved my pig Moo... who was killed buy my bulldog..God rest his soul.  So due to the fact it isn't smart to have a hog hunting dog with a pot belly pig we can never get another one.
I wasn't aware that this restauarnt was a chain.  I try to avoid those.  However, the food is very good.  The grits...oh the grits...I'm not a big grits eater, but these grits were special.  Very, very creamy.  DH, who never eats grits scarfed them quickly down.  The bisquits are to die for and they have an absolutely delish cranberry butter they serve them with.   Sorta a fru-fruy menu, you know my kind of place. They also have a cookbook out that I will have to buy. Good eatin'!

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