Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sublime Stitching and Shopping Today

Today is pure relaxation. The peep, God I love her, is at the sitter's. Her mom is gone somewhere to study..or so she says. The other chicks and I are headed to Gainesville for a shopping excursion. My son needs dress shoes (ha, ha that's funny)! He's never owned a pair, but now he is a band geek. The girlies and I need to go into the mall to check out a store that carries Tarina Tarantino jewelry (They have an Alice line out now, bestill my heart. I love me some Alice).

They also carry misc. stuff from Natural Life which is adorable. 

I need some gift ideas for my daughter because I have no clue yet. My little twin daughter is done...she's easy because, well she's me. Then it's off to the hair salon to re-do my highlights. Going with stop sign red because not to sure what they used for the silvery blue. If it were up to me I'd get pink, but not to sure what they would say at the hospital??? And sad to say, but my son wants to chop his long locks off:( Makes me want to cry because I love long hair on boys and he is just to darn cute.

Then I need to stop by Joanne's for some embroidery stuff. I got to get the things to make Addy some onsies  for the holidays. All from Sublime Stitching.


  1. Love the dorothy necklace...very cute! which store in the mall has them??

  2. The lilypad did....but not anymore:(