Friday, November 6, 2009

Free Friday

Well today is my free day for me.  They have been pretty much non existent for a loooong time.  I still have loads to do. Pick up a layaway at TJ Maxx.  Go to bank.  Go to pharmacy.  Go buy make up.  Then the fun stuff.  Taking my friend Pepper to lunch for her b-day at the Ivy House...yeah:)  Then off to get the noses pierced...Yikes!  Then we are off to the Antique Mall to browse.  Really looking forward to this.  I will post pictures from the Iphone of course.

Yesterday I got my hair did not turn doesn't look bad at all, but Robin (my friend/hairdresser) and I were soooo disappointed.  It is now a soft black, but the silver highlights are not there.  Highlights, yes, but I think we were thinking more grey/silver and I really think that picture is more of a light blue and when up against the black it takes on a silver look.  So I will let this fade for a week and then we are going to try again.  I wish the picture would have said what they used.  I told her in actuality if was probably photoshopped!   If not I will go for the stop sign red.  I really love the black hair though.  My hair has not been this dark for a loooong time. subject, but these shoes are a MUST for Addy.  I don't care if they are 50.00 and a frivolous purchase for  a growing baby.

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  1. you need to put up pics of ur nose piercing! & expensive taste... that must be where I get it from ;)
    love your *fave* daughter;)