Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Cleaning

My beehives kind of took the back burner for awhile when I wasn't feeling good and worried about other things.  Abby and I went out and did complete hive check ups a few days ago.  We added 2 new supers to two of the hives.....the one that was supposed to get the super was queenless!  Ughhh!  We took a frame of brood from my hive and placed it into the queenless hive, in hopes they will rear a queen on their own.  There are still bees flying into the hive, but it looks pitiful in comparison to the others. I may have to order a new queen.  I will open it up in a few weeks and monitor the activity.

We painted the new supers so they can better distinguish their hives.  My hive is thriving!  The queen is obviously still going strong.

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