Thursday, April 15, 2010


Miss Addy had two parties this year.  One at the Splash Pad with her dad and his family...the other last night with our family.  It was low key this year.  Just us and the two boyfriends.  I slaved literally all day yesterday cooking a big Italian feast.  Stuffed shells, pork, meatballs with the good sauce.  marinated tomatoes, seven layer salad, deviled eggs and homemade bread and butter.  I made her cupcakes with the best buttercream you have ever tasted.  

She was tired, but was a little trooper.  We donned the party hats and blew the horns.  She tried hard to do it too.  She started to eat a cupcake, but hates when her hands are messy.  She loves it outside.  We take her out to see the bee's and she's fascinated.  She loves flowers and plants.  Of course she loves all of the animals.  She plays fetch with her chi-chi all of the time.  She walks everywhere.  Hates the cart now.  Little Miss independent.  Loves children.  Will surely be a beach baby this summer.  Has a tremendous amount of undying energy.  Can't seem to turn her off:)  Gives high five's, hugs and kisses.  Eskimo kisses.  Fascinated by pap pap's beard, loves her aunt zia and tia, adores my iphone, puts it to her ear to say hello, dances and dances to music on itunes.  Has watched Wee Sing Sillyville at least 200 times so far (just like her mommy).  Says Mmmm when she eats something she likes.  Loves pasta like a good Italian girl.  Has the key to my heart.....that's Adalae Fae.......

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